Server Features


Exp: x15
PetExpRate: x15
Sp: x15
Adena: x10
SealStone: х5 (quantity)
Drop: chance x10
Spoil: chance x10 *
Quest (drop): x1
Quest (adena / exp / sp): x7
WB drop: x1

Epic Raid Bosses:

Queen Ant: 24 hodín + 2 h
Core: 36hod + 2 h
Orfen: 36 hodín +2 h
Zaken: 48 hodín + 2 h
Baium: 120hod + 4 h
Antharas: 192hod + 4 h
Valakas: 264hour +2 h
Frintezza: 48hod + 4 h
Sub RB (Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda): 16h +/- 4h
Barakiel: 16h +/- 4h


Every created character have top no grade armor, weapon and 1000 top no grade shots.

Other Features

Olympiad period - 2 weeks

NPC buffer for everybody (Prophet buffs till 74 lvl buffer)

ViP System

Every ViP Character receive:
+50% XP/SP
+50% Drop/Spoil
Option to turn on autoloot

Ingame Commands

.offline - offline shop
.autolooton - turn on autoloot (Only for ViP Characters)
.autolootoff - turn off autoloot (Only for ViP Characters)

Server will get many updates as new armors, weapons, locations, raid bosses etc. Now it´s pure Interlude, but in future we have more content for you!

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